Understanding Texas Drug Crimes and the Severity of the Consequences

Most drug crimes are prosecuted at the state level, however, if a particular drug charge relates to drugs crossing state lines in any way, you could be facing federal drug charges as well.  As the severity of a drug crime increases, the severity of the potential consequences if convicted also increases.  Many people do not take all drug charges very seriously because many people are able to avoid jail time.  However, many people are able to avoid jail time for a variety of reasons that are unique to each individual’s circumstances.

More often than not, those who avoid jail time and undergo probation are individuals charged with drug possession, or a first time offense of delivering or selling a small amount of a controlled substance.  As the drug crime becomes more dangerous and more “big hitters” are involved, the consequences of being convicted of either Texas or federal drug crimes can mean life in prison if the drug crime involves an enormous amount of drugs and the trafficking or distribution of such drugs.  Drug trafficking, and large-scale distribution are drug crimes that involve a large number of people, as large quantities of drugs are being distributed amongst drug users throughout the entire country.  In addition to drug possession, delivery, distribution and trafficking, individuals may face drug manufacturing charges that can also result in very serious consequences.

Having Your Drug Charge Dismissed

As part of reviewing any client’s case, your attorney will evaluate every single fact that is available from the police report, the way in which you were arrested and charged with the crime, whether or not you were interrogated after being arrested, and whether or not such interrogation was conducted lawfully.  The initial arrest process leading up to being charged with a crime involves a series of steps where law enforcement officials must respect your constitutional rights.  If your attorney finds evidence that your constitutional rights have been violated, then your attorney will seek dismissal of your criminal charges, as constitutional violations may result in the suppression of key evidence that was unlawfully obtained.  Regardless of innocence or guilt, if your constitutional rights were violated, and law enforcement officials would not have obtained evidence without violating your constitutional rights, then the prosecution has no case against you.

If your attorney is not able to seek dismissal of your criminal charges based on constitutional grounds, then your attorney will look for other evidentiary issues and seek a resolution of your criminal matter with the goal of reaching a result that does not involve the imposition of jail time.

Contact Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney Jack Pettit Today

Any drug-related criminal charge in Texas (whether a state or federal charge) can prove to be devastating if you are convicted and required to serve jail time.  Even as the world view on drugs such as marijuana continues to change in favor of acceptance, Texas law enforcement officials and the federal government treat marijuana-related drug charges just as seriously as cocaine, heroin and other very dangerous drugs.  Whether you have been charged with simple drug possession of a very small amount of a controlled substance, or if you have been charged with drug trafficking, among other drug charges, you need to seek legal representation right away.  Dallas County Criminal Defense Attorney Jack Pettit is a former prosecutor with more than three decades of experience both prosecuting and defending drug-related criminal charges.  With the help of Jack Pettit, you will be aware of what options you have for fighting the drug charges against you, and what the potential consequences are if you are convicted.  To speak with Jack Pettit, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation by calling (214) 521-4567.  Our office conveniently provides bilingual legal services in both English and Spanish, and we also accept major credit cards.


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