Top Myths Associated with Traffic Tickets in Texas

There are many myths associated with being issued a traffic ticket in Texas, which often leaves people misinformed and prone to making costly mistakes when pulled over.  Accordingly, the following are a list of myths and the reality behind them in order to help you know what to expect should you be issued a traffic citation and also, to avoid getting pulled over in the first place:

  1. 1.      Red cars are more likely to be pulled over that other vehicles.

False.  No study has ever proven that red cars are pulled over more frequently than others.  Accordingly, it is highly recommended that you follow the speed limit, regardless of the color of your car.

  1. 2.      Every county in Texas charges the same amount for a traffic violation.

This is certainly not true.  Each county in Texas may charge slightly different fines.  Therefore, it is important for you to check with your own county to be sure that you pay the exact amount owed on your ticket.

  1. 3.      If the police officer makes an error on my ticket, it will automatically be thrown out.

Not true.  If a police officer makes a slight error on your ticket such as writing down that you have green eyes when your eyes are in fact blue, this will likely not convince a judge to dismiss your charges.  While small clerical errors are likely of no consequence to a judge, larger errors may be pointed out for his or her consideration.  Meaning, a judge may dismiss your case if the mistake is so egregious such that without the error, you would not have been found guilty in the first place.

  1. 4.      If the police officer that issued my ticket fails to show up in court, the judge must throw out my case.

This is not necessarily true.  Although it is unconstitutional for a police officer to fail to appear in court (an accused has the right to question his or her accuser), a judge may not automatically dismiss your case.  Most often, the judge will reschedule the case to allow for the police officer to make his or her appearance rather than throwing it out altogether.

  1. 5.      If I am issued a ticket in another state such as Louisiana or Mississippi, the State of Texas will not find out.

This is absolutely false.  According to the Interstate Driver’s License Compact, 45 participating states in the U.S., including the ones mentioned above, must exchange information with the other regarding traffic violations committed by non-residents with the defendant’s home state.

If you have been charged with a traffic violation in Texas, it is essential to work with an experienced attorney that knows the nuances and complexities associated with these types of cases.  Attorney Jack Pettit will take the time to evaluate your case and develop a strategic legal defense on your behalf.  If you wish to discuss your case with Mr. Pettit, contact our firm today by calling 214-521-4567.  We accept most major credit cards and provide bilingual services in Spanish.



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