Texas Man Uses His Story to Tell the Dangers of Drunk Driving to Young People

It’s pretty much a fact that all parents worry about their kids. When they are young they fuss over every “boo-boo” and “ouchie.” As children grow, so do their parents’ worries. Are they doing well in school? Are they hanging out with the right crowd? No matter how well a parent thinks he or she did at raising his or her child, or how smart he or she knows his or her child to be, all parents still worry that their child may do something stupid. Something that could harm them not just today or tomorrow, but down the road and possibly forever.

Jenny Carter is a mom who one night, received a phone call that would forever change her life. The caller informed her that her son, Sean Carter, had been in an accident. The caller then proceeded to tell her the litany of injuries her son had suffered. She was informed he would be taken to a Dallas hospital, celebrated for its trauma center. At the hospital, her son was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury and laid in a coma for 39 days.

Sean Carter was 22 years old when he made a decision that would forever transform his life. He was a college honor student, who had plans to attend law school. But all that changed one night when Sean, too drunk to drive, decided to hop a ride with a friend that was also intoxicated. On the way home, his drunk buddy wrapped his Dodge truck around a tree, trapping Sean inside. As a result of the accident, Sean cannot talk and relies on a motorized wheelchair to get him around.

Every day Sean lives life knowing that if he had just made the decision, not to get into a vehicle with a drunk driver, that his life would be completely different today. If he would have made a better decision, today he would be able to walk and talk, most likely have his law degree and his independence. Fortunately for Sean, the accident did not rob him of his mental sharpness. While he cannot talk, it has not stopped him and his mother from taking his message on the road. Sean now earns a living doing public speaking events. The events are most often geared towards young people about bluntly tell about the dangers of drunk driving. Through the use of a computer app, Sean is able to “speak” and spread his story.

It is a message Texas teens need to hear. In 2013, the state of Texas led the nation with the highest number of deaths caused by drunk drivers at 1,337 people. It is important for every teen to understand the dangers of drinking and driving, and the importance of never getting into a car with a driver that has been drinking.

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