Texas DWI Defense Attorney Warns Drivers of the Harsh Consequences for Multiple DWI Offenses

A Texas man who was recently convicted of his eighth DWI has been sentenced to ninety-nine years in jail. His case is one of a few recent multiple-offense cases that have been getting a lot of press lately. The stories of defendants who have continued to drive under the influence of alcohol have been getting a lot of attention because of just how many offenses they have been able to accumulate. It’s natural for people to wonder how a person can get a third or fourth offense DWI, let alone a sixth, a ninth, or even a tenth one.

The Assistant District Attorney who requested the ninety-nine-year sentence explained to the jury that a sentence that severe seemed to be the only way that he could ensure that the defendant would never have the opportunity to drive under the influence of alcohol again. Incarceration is one way to make sure that a person cannot drive while under the influence of alcohol, but there are other tools available like license suspension, ignition interlock devices, and treatment for alcohol addiction.

The multiple offense DWI cases that have been making the news lately are shocking, but they also serve another purpose – they provide information about what works to keep drivers off of the road and what doesn’t. For example, license suspension does not seem to be very effective at preventing people from driving while they are intoxicated. Many of the defendants who have accumulated multiple DWIs actually have valid drivers’ licenses when they get arrested for their most recent DWI. The reason that those drivers may have had valid drivers’ licenses is that Texas law does not permit permanent revocation of a driver’s license. When a driver gets convicted of a DWI, their license may get suspended for up to two years. In addition to the fact that drivers get their driving privileges reinstated fairly quickly after a DWI, there is the fact that license suspension is often not enough to deter drivers from operating their vehicles while they are under the influence of alcohol. Statistics have revealed that somewhere between fifty and seventy percent of people who are convicted of DWI choose to drive even while their drivers’ licenses are suspended.

Whether you are facing your first DWI or you have one or more other DWIs or criminal convictions on your record, it is essential that you face the charges with someone by your side who understands DWI law and how it works. It is also important that you align yourself with someone who can help you understand the short term and long term effects that the charges could have on your life. A Texas DWI Defense Attorney can help you understand the charges, and they can help you minimize the negative consequences of your DWI on your life. To learn more about how Jack Pettit, Attorney at Law, can help you, call us today at 214-521-4567.


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