Texas DWI Defense Attorney Warns Drivers of Increased Focus on DWI Enforcement

Did you know that law enforcement agencies throughout Texas have stepped up their focus on DWI enforcement? From August 19 through September 5, state and local law enforcement agencies plan to work overtime to find and prosecute drunk drivers. Right now, drivers currently have a higher than normal risk of being arrested for DWI. Because of this risk, drivers who have never been arrested for DWI need to learn about the DWI process in case they get arrested.

Perhaps the most important thing that you need to know about DWI charges is that you should seek the aid of a DWI defense attorney immediately after your arrest. Criminal charges like DWI can have far-reaching effects on your day to day life for a long time, even if you are not convicted, and you deserve the best possible chance at avoiding as many of those consequences as possible. Also, DWI defense attorneys look out for their clients’ rights and seek justice in cases where those rights are violated. Your DWI defense attorney will help you understand the charges that have been brought against you as well as the options for resolving your case.

If you are a first-time DWI defendant, you may wonder how to choose a DWI defense attorney. Begin by speaking with a few different DWI defense attorneys about your case, and choose one with whom you feel comfortable. It is essential that any attorney that you select be experienced in handling DWI defense cases. Working with an attorney who has a thorough knowledge of Texas DWI laws paired with experience in presenting defenses to DWI charges for a variety of clients increases your chance of obtaining a positive outcome in your DWI case.

First-time DWI defendants should also be aware of the difference between public defenders and private counsel. You may qualify for the services of a public defender, and you are free to choose to use their services or retain private counsel. A public defender is an attorney who is paid by the state to represent defendants who meet certain income guidelines. Some defendants who qualify for services of a public defender hire their own attorneys because public defenders have less control over their case loads than private attorneys do. Many public defenders have large caseloads which afford them little time for each of their cases.

If you were arrested for DWI, you are likely to have questions and concerns. You are probably well aware that there’s a lot at stake, including your driving privileges and your freedom. You probably want to do everything in your power to preserve the most important things in your life. Jack Pettit, Attorney at Law, can help you move through your DWI case towards an outcome that will work for you.  Texas DWI Defense Attorney Pettit has helped numerous Texas DWI clients with their DWI cases, and he can put his experience and dedication to work for you. To learn more, please call 214-521-4567 today.


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