Texas DWI Defense Attorney Talks about Situations Involving Multiple Offenses

Sometimes, drivers are arrested and charged with more than just a DWI. When a driver is charged with multiple offenses at the same time as DWI, the penalties can really add up. From running stop signs to speeding, defective equipment, resisting arrest, and more, some drivers face incredibly serious consequences from their DWI and the additional offenses that are associated with it.

Some of the behavior that leads to non-DWI offenses can catch the eye of the police and result in charges for the offense that the officer initially pulled the driver over for as well as DWI if during the traffic stop the officer suspects that the driver is intoxicated. For example, erratic movements like sharp turns and excessive speed are things that law enforcement officers have been trained to look for as they sit watching traffic pass by.

One recent incident in Plano started when a police officer tried to stop a speeding vehicle that was weaving in and out of traffic on the North Central Expressway. Unfortunately, the driver made choices that resulted in much more than a speeding ticket. He fled, leading the officer on a high speed chase. When the driver got off of the highway, he lost control of the vehicle while attempting to navigate a curve and he crashed the car into a gate. When the driver was located, he was charged with evading arrest with a motor vehicle, driving while intoxicated, driving with an invalid license and reckless driving.

In another incident in College Station, a drunken man tried to fight with a police officer when the officer approached his vehicle. The man had been driving erratically, and someone had called the police to alert them. By the time officers located the vehicle, the man had fallen asleep at the wheel. After trying to start his vehicle with a pair of scissors, the man, who had been naked, pulled on a pair of pants and ran from the scene. Officers eventually caught up with him and arrested him. The man now faces DWI charges, as well as charges for evading and resisting arrest.

All drivers are at risk for being stopped by the police any time that they go out on the road. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand why you have been singled out for a traffic stop. Other times, you may know why you caught the officer’s attention. Whatever the reason for the traffic stop, it is best for you to remain calm, provide the officer with any documents that they request, and say as little as you possibly can. Drivers who maintain their composure and say very little are less likely to be investigated for DWI than drivers who talk a lot, answer a lot of questions, or take on a defensive or disrespectful attitude. If you are arrested for DWI, call  Texas DWI Defense Attorney Jack Pettit, Attorney at Law, at 214-521-4567 right away. Attorney Pettit may be able to help you with your Texas DWI case.



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