Texas DWI Defense Attorney Talks about DWI Charges Related to Accidents

While many DWI charges are made in conjunction with traffic stops, there are others that are associated with car crashes. Some of the drivers that are charged with DWI in connection with car accidents are injured in their wrecks, while others are not hurt. Drivers who are involved in car accidents and who are also arrested for DWI face a dual burden of healing from their injuries and/or dealing with charges related to any injuries and property damage that they may have caused during the accident and dealing with their DWI charges.

Each car accident is unique, and the charges that are associated with each accident are different. A recent single car accident in New Jersey resulted in drunken driving charges against a driver whose vehicle ended up in a gully. The vehicle remained in the gully for hours, until someone finally noticed the car and called for help. The man who was driving the vehicle was critically injured in the accident, and his girlfriend, who was also in the vehicle, was also critically injured. In addition to facing a lengthy recovery from his injuries, this driver has been charged with third-degree unlicensed operation, misdemeanor driving while intoxicated, and second-degree vehicular assault.

Another man has been charged with drunken driving after he backed his car into a ditch. Fortunately, this driver was not injured in his accident, but he has been charged with unsafe backing of his vehicle in addition to drunken driving.

When you are facing DWI charges in addition to charges from a car accident and recovery from your injuries, you may feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, you do not have to take on all of these things on your own. Yes, there is a lot at stake, but you do have options. A skilled DWI defense attorney can help you with your DWI charges and provide guidance and/or referrals on other legal matters.

The variety of accident scenarios involving DWI charges adds to the complexity of DWI cases that result from automobile accidents. Experienced DWI defense attorneys are able to sort through the details of these complicated cases and formulate comprehensive plans for defending their clients. When you retain an attorney, you will be able to shift your focus to healing from your injuries while your attorney helps you navigate the path through your DWI case. Your attorney can help you understand the charges that have been brought against you and the potential consequences of a conviction. Your attorney can also help you understand your options, because there may be multiple ways in which you could resolve your DWI case.

Life after an automobile accident can be difficult, and life after an accident involving DWI charges can be even more so. The stakes are high, but there are options available to you that can help you move through this difficult time in your life. A highly skilled Texas DWI Defense Attorney can help you address your DWI case while you recover from your injuries. Texas DWI defense attorney Jack Pettit, Attorney at Law, is here to assist you. Please call 214-521-4567 today, to learn more.


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