Texas DWI Defense Attorney Shares Questions That Clients Should Ask Their Potential DWI Lawyer

If you have been charged with DWI, you may be in a hurry to speak with a Texas DWI defense attorney about your case. It is a good idea to seek legal counsel as soon after your arrest as you possibly can, but it is equally as important that you select the DWI defense attorney who is the best fit for your case and for you, the client. The following few questions can help you to get a good idea about whether the DWI defense attorney that you are speaking with is the one that you would like to retain for your DWI case.

When you call a law office to arrange for a consultation, you may speak with the attorney or you may speak with someone else who works in their office. Fortunately, it is possible to get a good amount of information about the attorney that you are interested in from their office staff or another attorney who works in the office. Whomever you speak with may ask you questions about you case so that they can better help you. For that reason, it is important that you have all of your paperwork related to your DWI close by where you can refer to it as needed throughout the conversation.

One important question to ask a DWI attorney before you retain them is how much experience they have in handling DWI cases. The more experience an attorney has with the type of case that you have, the better. Experienced attorneys have a deep and thorough knowledge of how DWI cases work, and of how to build solid defense strategies for defendants with many different types of DWI cases. You might also ask how much of their time they spend working on DWI cases, as handling DWI cases on a regular basis is a good way to keep legal knowledge current and skills sharp.

Once you have shared some information about your case with the attorney, be sure to ask them whether they feel as though you have a strong case. The attorney will explain how your case could possibly play out, based upon the information that you have shared with them. This part of your conversation is also a good time to ask the attorney what options you might have for resolving your DWI case. Sometimes, options like pleading guilty or engaging in diversion are likely to bring a better result than going to trial, so let the attorney explain the possibilities that may be available to you in your particular case.

No initial consultation with an attorney is complete without a discussion of their fee structure and payment options. Be sure that you thoroughly understand what you would need to pay for and when. While you may want to get things going right away, you may also need a little time to think about whether that particular attorney is the one that you will retain to handle your case. Either way, remember that an attorney does not represent you until you have signed a fee agreement with them.

If you have been charged with DWI in Texas, give yourself a fighting chance at a positive outcome in your case by calling a Texas DWI Defense Attorney.  Jack Pettit, Attorney at Law, may be able to help you. Call our office today, at 214-521-4567, to learn more.



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