Texas DWI Defense Attorney Shares Information about More Evidentiary Concerns

Recently, the validity of blood test evidence from the Harris County crime lab had come under scrutiny after it was discovered that a technician had falsely stated their qualifications. That issue has brought more than ten years’ worth of DWI cases up for review. Unfortunately, there are additional concerns regarding evidence in Harris County, and even more cases could be affected.

A lab technician at the city crime lab admitted to mislabeling a blood test in a 2013 DWI case. The sample was submitted with errors, and the label was eventually corrected, but the charge against the defendant got reduced. The technician was barred from testing other samples, but she continued to appear in court to testify about other samples that she had tested. Defense attorneys in subsequent cases say they were not notified of the mix-up, which could have provided them with grounds to question her testimony or opportunities to employ other strategies in defending their clients. It is uncertain how many other cases could be affected by this technician’s actions.

Further concerns regarding evidence involve an alleged delay by the District Attorney’s Office in informing defense attorneys that evidence related to their cases could be missing. Earlier this year, Precinct 4 officials realized that evidence was missing from their property room. Upon noticing that evidence was missing, they earlier this year, they notified the district attorney’s office. It appears as though one or more employees were not following proper evidence handling and disposal policies and procedures, but it also appears as though only a couple of pieces of evidence were actually missing.

Evidence is a major part of any DWI case. A skilled Texas DWI defense attorney understands how evidence should be collected and handled throughout the course of a DWI case, and they can carefully scrutinize the actions of the multiple parties and agencies who have handled the evidence in your DWI case so that any potential mistakes can be identified and exposed. Many DWI cases have been defended successfully because the evidence was mishandled or other mistakes were made by law enforcement throughout the course of the DWI traffic stop, arrest, and subsequent activities. Even if no evidentiary mistakes were made in your case, a DWI defense attorney could look for other types of weaknesses or inconsistencies in the State’s case. These weaknesses or inconsistencies can often form the basis for a comprehensive and effective defense strategy.

If you are currently facing DWI charges in Texas, it is important that you speak with a Texas DWI Defense Attorney right away. There is a lot at stake, and you do not have to try to navigate your DWI case on your own. Your attorney can protect your rights, help you understand the charges against you and the DWI case process, and ensure that you receive the best possible defense in your Texas DWI case. To find out more about how Jack Pettit, Attorney at Law, can help you, call us today at 214-521-4567.


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