Texas DWI Defense Attorney Says DWI Cases Are Not Always Resolved Quickly

If you were to ask a DWI defendant what they would like to see happen with their DWI case, they would, of course, wish to avoid a conviction. They would also be likely to tell you that they want to get through their case as soon as possible. The amount of uncertainty that accompanies any legal proceeding can be uncomfortable. In a DWI case, the defendant is waiting to learn the fate of things that are central to their livelihoods, such as their personal freedom, their ability to drive their vehicle, and their ability to keep their job. These high stakes make the waiting process extremely tough for DWI defendants. It is natural to desire certainty and even DWI defendants whose cases do not end as they had wished that they could move forward with their lives, integrating whatever consequences are attached to their conviction into their reality.

There are some DWI defendants in some parts of Texas who are not getting the swift resolution of their DWI cases that they had wanted. These defendants are experiencing delays that cause their cases to take longer than a typical DWI case would. The reasons for the delays are often related to waiting times for blood test results. For example, there was a scandal involving the laboratory that Bexar County was using to test blood samples of DWI suspects who had refused breath testing. The scandal resulted in a need for another lab to test the samples, and since that lab at the Texas Department of Public Safety in Austin, already had a large volume of samples coming in for testing, it took quite some time to work through all of them.

It is also important to note that prosecutors seek certainty in their affairs just like defendants do. Rather than waiting for blood test results, prosecutors have gone forward with some DWI cases without them. In these cases, prosecutors use breathalyzer test results when available in addition to eyewitness testimony and field sobriety tests to present their cases. Surprisingly, the result of this practice has been an increase in DWI convictions. The increase in DWI convictions is disconcerting for defendants, especially for those whose blood test results would show that they were innocent.

The DWI defendants in counties where blood test results are slow to come are unable to know when they will get any certainty about when their cases will end or how they will conclude. Many of these defendants have attorneys working with them to navigate the delays and to help the defendants present the best cases that they possibly can with the evidence that is available.

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