Texas DWI Defense Attorney Offers Tips on Avoiding Traffic Stops

Every driver probably wants to know as much as they can about how they can avoid getting pulled over by the police. Drivers who want to avoid getting a DWI are likely to be especially interested in reducing the likelihood of a traffic stop. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to reduce the likelihood that you will be pulled over by the police during any given vehicle trip that you take.

It is essential that you avoid making erratic maneuvers like turning too sharply or too wide or driving too fast or too slow if you do not want to be pulled over. Erratic movements get the attention of police officers, and while one unusual turn may not end with you getting pulled over right away, it may result in the officer following you for as long as they have to as they wait for you to make another sharp or wide turn, or do something else that they feel is grounds for stopping you.

Obeying posted speed limits is another way that drivers can avoid getting pulled over. Law enforcement officers know that issuing speeding tickets actually does get drivers to slow down, which increases safety on the roads for everyone. Because of that, they place a high priority on stopping drivers who are moving too fast.

When you engage in distracted driving of any kind, whether you are eating, texting, or rummaging around between the seats trying to find something, you make yourself a target for a traffic stop. Texting while driving in particular has attracted the attention of law enforcement officers across America, and for good reason. It is extremely dangerous. Keeping your hands off of your phone and other items will help keep the eyes of police officers off of you.

Tinted windows, loud exhaust pipes, expired license plate tags, burned out bulbs and other equipment offenses are easy for officers to see. This also means that they are also easy for them to take action on, and they do so frequently. Check your vehicle regularly to make sure things look and sound okay, and to identify potential issues before the police do.

Aggressive driving is another way to grab the attention of the police. From tailgating to cutting people off, hanging out in the left lane, and racing out of stop signs or traffic lights, aggressive driving is sure to get you pulled over sooner or later because it creates a safety risk.

A DWI case begins with a traffic stop, so knowing how to avoid getting pulled over is a key factor in avoiding DWI charges. If you do your best to drive in a way that does not get the attention of the police and you still get pulled over and investigated for DWI, call a Texas DWI Defense Attorney right away. Jack Pettit, Attorney at Law, is here to help you. Please call our office today, at 214-521-4567, to learn more.



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