Texas DWI Defense Attorney Offers Tips for Avoiding Holiday Season DWIs

Many people are filling their calendars with a variety of fun events throughout December. Whether your holiday calendar is filled with parties, community events, family gatherings, or a mixture of all of those things, there’s a good chance that you plan to enjoy some drinks along the way. With this in mind, as you fill up your calendar, you can also plan ahead to avoid being stopped for DWI.

Law enforcement officers know that December is a month where people are likely to attend many parties and functions, so it is a time when DWI checkpoints are likely to be set up. There are also likely to be additional officers patrolling busy areas, especially at night. Despite an increased law enforcement presence on the roadways, you may be able to avoid a DWI by implementing the following tips.

If you are traveling to see family, or to attend holiday party for work or some other event, you may have a long drive to the location where the events are being held. For events that involve a lot of travel before and afterwards, booking a hotel room near the event is a great way to enjoy yourself safely. If you will be attending the party with other people, you could share a room and ensure that all of you have a safe place to stay so that no one has to drive. Alternatively, you could ask people that you know who live in the area whether they have a couch or an extra bed.

For parties closer to home, or anywhere, for that matter, the best way to avoid getting a DWI is to not drink and drive. Check with other people who will be going to the same event ahead of time to see whether anyone plans to be a designated driver. You may be surprised to find that it is not always difficult to find a designated driver, even though you may not want to be one yourself. In many areas, there are cabs, buses, and other types of public transportation that are readily available to anyone who wants to avoid driving home after the party.

Unfortunately, even the best laid plans sometimes fall through. If you end up driving home late at night, be careful not to call attention to yourself. Drive close to the speed limit, stop at stop signs and stop lights, stay in you lane, and check your vehicle before you hit the road to make sure there aren’t any light bulbs burnt out or other noticeable issues so that you won’t be pulled over.

If you get pulled over, remember that your rights include the freedom to choose what you say and to whom. It is perfectly acceptable to provide the officer with very little information about what you have been doing in order to avoid incriminating yourself. If you get arrested and charged with DWI, give yourself the best possible chance at a positive outcome in your DWI case by calling a knowledgeable Texas DWI Defense Attorney. If you have questions regarding DWI in Texas, call Jack Pettit, Attorney at Law today, at 214-521-4567, to learn more.



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