Texas DWI Defense Attorney Explains why All DWI Defendants Need an Attorney

If you’ve been charged with DWI, you may wonder whether you should seek the assistance of an attorney. The answer is, without a doubt, yes. Any DWI charge, whether it is your first or a subsequent offense, can have serious consequences. A Texas DWI Defense Attorney can help you in multiple ways during your DWI case, and they can help you to obtain the best possible outcome under the unique circumstances of your case.

One way in which a Texas DWI Defense Attorney can help you with your DWI case is by attending to your paperwork. This may seem like a minor point, but a DWI case does involve more paperwork than you might expect. If you are not represented by an attorney, you must obtain, read, understand, complete, and file all of your own paperwork in accordance with the applicable deadlines. Errors in understanding DWI case paperwork or in filling it out and filing it in a timely manner could harm your DWI case.

Another reason why it is important to seek the aid of an experienced Texas DWI Defense Attorney is that a DWI case passes through a series of stages from beginning to end. Participating in a DWI case as a defendant can be confusing and frustrating if you do not know what to expect at each stage of the process. Fortunately, when you work with a Texas DWI Defense Attorney, they can help you understand the sequence of events that is likely to occur in your DWI case, so that you can be prepared for the experience.

The crime of driving under the influence of alcohol involves multiple elements, each of which must be proven before you can be convicted of DWI. Your Texas DWI Defense Attorney knows each of the elements of DWI inside and out. They have experience with identifying situations in which the state may not be able to meet its burden of proof in its case against you. An experienced DWI Defense Attorney has more than likely represented many clients in situations that are similar to yours, and that experience will help them to build a solid defense on your behalf.

Another reason to get help from a Texas DWI Defense Attorney is that as a DWI defendant, you might have options available to you that could possibly help you to avoid conviction, and all of the devastating consequences that come along with it. Your attorney can explain options like diversion, plea bargaining, or dismissal if they are available in your case. They can also help you decide whether any of the options that are available to you are a good choice for you, given your priorities and the possible consequences of each potential course of action.

Now that you know why all DWI defendants need an attorney, it is time for you to choose the attorney who will represent you in your Texas DWI case.  Texas DWI Defense Attorney Jack Pettit has been serving Dallas area DWI clients for over thirty years. Call his office today, at 214-521-4567, to learn more.



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