Texas DWI Defense Attorney Explains What a DWI Could Cost You

Did you know that a DWI could cost you over ten thousand dollars along with other non-monetary yet tremendously important If you have never been arrested for DWI, you may be completely unaware that the cost of a DWI could be so high. Not only is there a great cost associated with a DWI, but the process of working through a DWI case takes time, and some consequences of the DWI continue long after the case is complete.

Drivers who get arrested for DWI face civil and criminal penalties. Administrative License Revocation (ALR) is the civil component of DWI. The penalties for ALR come into effect if you fail or refuse the breath test, and the penalties include 90 to 180 days of license suspension and a $125 license reinstatement fee when if it time to get your license back. You can try to avoid license suspension by requesting an ALR hearing, and it is a good idea to have a lawyer represent you at that hearing in addition to representing you in your criminal case. Of course, legal representation costs money, and costs do vary. It is important that DWI defendants choose to view legal fees not just as money spent on the DWI, but money invested in reducing the overall cost of the DWI, both financially and as far as concerns the effects of the DWI on their lives.

In the criminal portion of a DWI case, legal fees can cost a defendant anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to thousands of dollars, depending upon the attorney and the complexity of the case. However, this expense could lead to the reduction of other costs and non-monetary consequences because your attorney can do things like trying to get the charges dropped or reduced, plea bargaining, and otherwise seeking options for resolving your DWI case in a way that will work out as well for you as it can. Court fees are sometimes included with legal fees and sometimes paid separately. Typical court fees are between one hundred and sixty dollars and three hundred dollars. Videotapes and subpoenas cost money, but they may be necessary in your case.

There are some monetary and non-monetary costs that you might not expect. Texas charges DWI defendants a thousand dollars each year for three years after their DWI cases are closed. If injuries or damages resulted from your driving while intoxicated, you might have to pay restitution. Your car insurance rates may increase substantially. Probation lasts a year or two, and it requires time, effort, and money. Classes, counseling, and other programs must be paid for by the defendants who must engage in them. Some other indirect costs of a DWI include taking time off of work to go to court, the cost of transportation to and from work if you lose your driving privileges and the cost of installing an ignition interlock if you are required to do so.

Jack Pettit, Attorney at Law, has years of experience with DWI cases, and he has helped many DWI clients resolve their cases. He may be able to help you with your DWI case, too. Whether this is your first DWI or a subsequent offense, you deserve the support of a skilled Texas DWI Defense Attorney. Call us today, at 214-521-4567 today, to learn more.



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