Texas DWI Defense Attorney Explains the Important Role of DWI Attorneys

If you have been arrested for DWI in Texas, you may be wondering whether or not you should contact a DWI defense attorney and ask them to help you with your case. One way that potential clients can come to understand the importance of hiring a DWI defense attorney is to learn what an attorney could do for you if you were to retain them as well as the possible results of proceeding with your case without the aid of an attorney.

Defendants in DWI cases face a wide range of consequences if they are convicted. From license suspension to jail time, fines, ignition interlock devices, high insurance rates, and more, it may seem as if your DWI charges could end up affecting just about everything in your life. Your DWI defense attorney has spent a great deal of time helping clients facing similar consequences challenge the validity of the charges that have been brought against them. They have also spent time seeking outcomes in their clients’ cases which minimize overall impact of each client’s DWI on their life, in light of their situation and their priorities.

Texas DWI defendants sometimes choose to handle their DWI defense cases on their own, without an attorney. What many of them do not realize is that although it costs money to hire an attorney, the overall financial and personal cost of a DWI can be greatly reduced by doing so. Hiring a Texas DWI defense attorney gives you a better chance of resolving your DWI case in a manner that will have the least amount of negative consequences that is possible given the unique circumstances of your case.

One of the most important things that a DWI defense attorney does is help their clients understand the charges that have been brought against them. There are a variety of different charges that may have been brought against you, depending upon your age, your BAC, and the circumstances of your arrest. It is important that you know what the possible consequences associated with those charges are, as well as how the validity of those charges might be challenged. Your attorney can help you with that, too, by explaining the defense strategies which might be effective in your case. Also, throughout a DWI case, a DWI defendant may be presented with options for resolving their case. DWI defense attorneys help their clients evaluate any options that are made available to them, so that the clients can understand what their life might look like if they choose to resolve their DWI case in a particular manner.

If you need to be able to continue driving after your DWI arrest in order to keep your job attend college, fulfill your duties as a parent, or for some other reason, your DWI defense attorney can help you do that by representing you at your administrative license suspension (ALR) hearing. A driver who wants to retain their driving privileges must request an ALR hearing within a specific period of time after their arrest, so it is important to speak with an attorney right away to ensure that your request for an ALR hearing is timely filed.

If you are facing DWI charges in Texas, contact Texas DWI Defense Attorney, Jack Pettit, as soon as possible, as time is of the essence.  He has been compassionately serving Dallas area DWI clients for over thirty years. Call his office today, at 214-521-4567, to learn more.


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