Texas DWI Defense Attorney Describes the Events That Happen After a DWI Arrest

Former University of Texas and NFL quarterback Vince Young was recently arrested and charged with misdemeanor DWI. Fortunately for Young, he has been able to work with his employer, the University of Texas, to remain an employee of the University. In his job as a diversity and community engagement officer in the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, Young establishes and leads fundraising efforts that support the school’s educational programs.

Vince Young is fortunate to have been able to work with his employer to keep his job. Other, less well known DWI defendants are also able to work with employers and others to keep their jobs, their families, and other aspects of their lives intact during and after their DWI cases. The DWI defendants who ultimately come through their DWI cases with some of the important things in their lives intact do not accomplish those things by sheer luck. In order to give yourself a fighting chance at protecting the things that are the most important to you, it is essential that you begin working with a DWI defense attorney as soon as you are arrested. Each DWI case begins with an arrest and passes through a sequence of events during which the defendant needs support and guidance as they weigh options and make decisions about how they will work through the situation.

Working with an attorney can begin as soon as you are permitted to make a phone call or two, which is usually after you have been removed from the scene of the traffic stop, brought to the magistrate’s office or the county jail, and booked into the system.  The sooner that your attorney knows that you have been arrested the better, because they can begin to help you at that point in time by letting you know what to expect as the next events unfold as well as how to navigate those events, such as posting bond, filling out paperwork, and waiting for your release.

During the initial conversation with your attorney and during conversations after that, it is important that you let your attorney know what is important to you. If, for example, your attorney knows that keeping your job is very important to you, they may be able to think of a way to help you work with your employer so that can happen. If keeping your driving privileges is important so that you can care for an elderly relative or bring your children to and from school and extracurricular activities, your attorney may be able to help you try to do that. Whatever it is that you hold dear, it could be threatened by DWI charges, so let your attorney know what your priorities are so that they can best assist you.

The path to resolving your DWI case in a way that will work for you and protect what is most important to you begins when you are arrested. If you are arrested for DWI, use one of your phone calls to contact a Texas DWI Defense Attorney. Texas DWI defense attorney Jack Pettit, Attorney at Law, has helped many clients work through their DWI cases and it is possible that he may be able to help you, too. Please call our office at 214-521-4567 today, to learn more.



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