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The Top Myths Associated with Texas DUI Charges

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Facing a DUI in Texas can certainly be a scary ordeal however, it does not mean that your life is over or that you are without a strong defense.  Without a doubt, there are numerous consequences that result from a DUI conviction, including a permanent criminal record, trouble finding gainful employment, damage to your personal and professional reputation, and the potential to lose your professional license (i.e. law or medical license).  Notwithstanding the severity of a DUI charge, there are many myths associated with these types of cases that people choose to believe, leading a great deal of undue fear and anxiety.   In other words, while dealing with a DUI charge is no simple matter, your situation may not be quite as dire as you think.  Accordingly, the following are the most common DUI myths:

  1. Myth:  If I am charged with a DUI in Texas, the judge is going to impose the harshest penalty possible.

Reality:  The majority of people that consult with me initially assume that if they are convicted with a DUI in Texas, the judge will impose the strictest punishment available.  This is certainly not true, especially when a person has an experienced criminal defense attorney by their side.  Specifically, an attorney who has experience handling DUI cases can point out the weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case and also, stress the many positive attributes of his or her client.  Perhaps your blood sample was mishandled, or your field sobriety test was conducted under less than ideal conditions.  Once an attorney is able to raise these arguments, it is highly likely that the prosecutor will be willing to enter a plea bargain rather than bring the case to trial.  This may result in the reduction of your charges or even the dismissal of your case.

  1. Myth:  The only way to fight back against a DUI charge in Texas is to go to trial.

Reality:  In Texas, only a small percentage of DUI cases actually go to trial.  If you work with an experienced criminal defense attorney, you stand a greater chance of receiving a more favorable outcome than if you choose to represent yourself.

  1. Myth:  I need an attorney fast and should hire the first one I meet with.

Reality:    No way!  Regardless of what some lawyers want you to believe, it is not smart to hire one out of desperation.  An inexperienced or unqualified attorney can seriously affect the outcome of your case, which could end up costing you a significant amount of money as well as your life.

  1. Myths:  You must answer all of the arresting police officer’s questions, no matter what.

Reality:  This is not always the case.  Although it is helpful to be cooperative with a police officer, it is important to keep in mind that you have the right to remain silent and request the presence of counsel before police can resume their interrogation.

For additional information, or if you were charged with a DUI in Texas, it is important to work with an experienced Dallas criminal defense lawyer to help you fight for your rights.  For more than thirty years, our attorney has successfully defended thousands of individuals dealing with all types of criminal related offenses.   If you would like to speak to Mr. Pettit about your case, contact our firm today by calling 214-521-4567.  We accept most major credit cards and provide bilingual services in Spanish.