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The Serious Consequences of Driving While License is Suspended or Invalid

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Driving without a license in Texas is taken much more seriously than many people believe.  Many individuals find themselves in jail after repeatedly driving with either a suspended or invalid Texas driver’s license.  Before discussing the consequences of being charged with Driving While Licensed is Suspended (DWLS) or Driving While License is Invalid (DWLI), it is important to understand the reasons why your license may be suspended or deemed invalid in the first place.

Under current Texas law, your driver’s license may be suspended if you are convicted of an alcohol-related offense, use a fake identification, or have multiple traffic tickets that have racked up points on your Texas driver’s license, among others.  You can seek to have your Texas driver’s license reinstated after a period of time, however, it is crucial that you do not drive at all during the period of time your license is suspended.  This is where countless Texans get themselves into even further trouble, especially teenagers and young adults who wish to start driving again right away.

Texas Law Regarding DWLS/DWLI

If you are caught driving with a suspended, revoked, or invalid Texas driver’s license, you may be charged with a Class C misdemeanor, which carries with it a maximum penalty of $500.  However, if you have a previous DWLS or DWLI conviction, a subsequent charge could be a Class B misdemeanor, which carried with it a maximum penalty of $2,000 and 180 days in jail.  In some cases, you could be charged with a Class A misdemeanor if you caused an accident while driving with your suspended, revoked, or invalid Texas driver’s license, resulting in serious injury or death to another person.  A Class A misdemeanor in Texas carries with it a maximum penalty of $4,000 and one year in jail.

Whether you have had your license suspended, revoked or deemed invalid, or if you have been charged with DWLS/DWLI, you must act quickly so that you are not left with a blemished criminal record that could make life a little difficult for you when it comes to applying for a job, renting a home or apartment, or applying to attend college.  As such, you need to take all steps possible to prevent a conviction from harming your record.  With the help of an attorney, you can overcome your DWLS/DWLI charge, and learn how to avoid being charged with the same crime in the future.

Contact Dallas DWLS/DWLI Defense Attorney Jack Pettit Today

Driving with a suspended or invalid license in Texas is considered a fairly serious crime in that it does carry with it the potential for some jail time.  While jail time is unlikely for most individuals charged with DWLS/DWLI, the crime must be dealt with as if jail time is a real possibility.  If you or a loved one has been charged with either DWLS or DWLI, you should consider speaking with a Dallas County DWLS/DWLI Defense Attorney right away.  With the help of a skilled attorney, you can resolve your criminal charge in a way that will result in the least harm possible to your driving and criminal record.  Dallas DWLS/DWLI Defense Attorney Jack Pettit has the skill and dedication necessary to help you overcome your DWLS/DWLI charge.  As a former prosecutor, and with more than thirty years of experience, Attorney Jack Pettit has seen it all, and can help you like he has helped so many other Texas residents.  To schedule your initial consultation with Jack Pettit, contact our office today by calling (214) 521-4567.  Our office conveniently provides bilingual legal services in both English and Spanish, and we also accept major credit cards.