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Dallas County Criminal Attorney Discusses the 2015 Great Texas Warrant Roundup

Saturday, February 14th, 2015

If you have not yet heard, the Great Texas Warrant Roundup is about to begin. For those familiar with the event, 2014 was one of the largest warrant enforcement efforts in the nation, with more than 300 Texas jurisdictions participating. In 2014, more than 130,000 warrants were cleared and more than $20 million dollars gross was collected. If you are not familiar with this event, you probably have many questions. With this in mind, the following are the most often asked questions about the Great Texas Warrant Roundup:

What is the 2015 Great Texas Warrant Roundup?

The Great Texas Warrant Roundup (“Warrant Roundup”) is a state wide effort to clear outstanding warrants. This year, law enforcement agencies from more than 300 jurisdictions have already agreed to participate. Individuals that will be targeted during the Warrant Roundup will be those with city ordinance, parking, penal code, traffic and higher charge warrants.

When does the 2015 Warrant Roundup begin?

The 2015 Warrant Roundup begins Saturday, March 7, 2015. However, hundreds of thousands of notices were mailed in mid-February to individuals who have outstanding warrants. Those individuals are being encouraged by law enforcement agencies to voluntarily dispose of their cases prior to the start of the roundup.

If I received a notice or believe I have a warrant out for my arrest, what should I do?

The best thing to do is to seek the advice of experienced traffic or criminal attorney. A skilled traffic or criminal attorney can help you determine what actions need to be taken to address the warrant. He or she can help dispose of the warrant and try to decrease the penalties you may be facing, which may include reducing possible fines.

What may happen if I do not resolve my warrant before the Warrant Roundup begins?  

The purpose of the Warrant Roundup is to target those individuals who have not resolved their outstanding warrants. If you do not resolve your warrant prior to the start of the Warrant Roundup then you risk being arrested. Local agencies will be aggressively trying to clear up their list of outstanding warrants during this year’s Warrant Roundup. Individuals with outstanding warrants can be arrested virtually anytime and anywhere. This means if you have a warrant you could be arrested at home, while driving, at school or even at work. That is why it is better to resolve your warrant before the Warrant Round begins or risk the inconvenience and possible embarrassment of being arrested.

Is it too late to hire an attorney to represent me on my warrant?

No. It most cases it is not too late. However, you will be in a much better position if you seek the assistance of an attorney before you are arrested. Therefore, if you have a warrant out it is best to meet with an attorney as soon as possible or at least by March 6, 2015. This does not mean that an attorney cannot help you if you are arrested after the Warrant Roundup begins. It just means your case may be more difficult.

If you have a warrant out for your arrest in Dallas County or another county in Texas, you will want to contact a Dallas County Criminal Attorney as soon as possible. With more than 30 years of experience, Dallas County Criminal Attorney Jack Pettit can help take care of your warrant before you are arrested. To find out how Mr. Pettit can help you with your warrant, contact our office today by calling (214) 521-4567. The office is conveniently located in downtown Dallas, across from the courthouse. We provide services to clients in both English and Spanish. Major credit cards are accepted as well.