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Five Reasons Why You Need a Dallas Defense Attorney for Your Misdemeanor Charge

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Don’t let the fact that a misdemeanor is different from a felony fool you, as a misdemeanor does not mean that it is a “minor” crime. As with all crimes, there are punishments for those who are convicted of misdemeanors, and they can be quite serious.  However, a seasoned criminal defense attorney can help to minimize the impact of misdemeanor charges on your life. Here are five reasons why you should seek the assistance of a Texas criminal defense attorney as soon as you are charged with a misdemeanor:

  1. Class A and Class B misdemeanors have long term consequences that can impact more areas of your life than you might imagine. From limitations on your future employment, housing options, and even your immigration status, to interference with your family life in the form of losing custody of your children, these consequences can be harsh and far – reaching. It is no exaggeration to say that a misdemeanor conviction in Texas can mess your life up for quite some time.
  2. Probation is not always a simple and straightforward option for dealing with a misdemeanor charge. A Texas criminal defense attorney can help you to decide whether probation is in fact your best available option. If it is, your Texas defense attorney can help to ensure that the conditions of your probation are fair, so that your chances of successfully completing your probation are good.
  3. You have rights that you may not even be aware of. For example, there are rules and procedures that law enforcement, prosecutors, and other people involved in your situation must follow. If any one of those people fails to follow the rules, they could be violating your rights, which could affect the outcome of your case. A knowledgeable Texas criminal defense attorney can help you to understand what your rights are, and ensure that they are protected.
  4. Certain types of misdemeanors can be expunged if certain criteria are met. An expunction can limit the circumstances under which you must disclose information about your misdemeanor conviction. An expunction can also, in many cases, restore your right to bear arms. Your Texas criminal defense attorney can help you to understand expunction as it pertains to your particular misdemeanor charge, and can help you pursue expunction if it is available in your case.
  5. A Texas criminal defense attorney can help you to determine what your options are when you are faced with a misdemeanor charge. More importantly, a Texas criminal defense attorney can help you decide which option is best for you based upon your needs and your priorities. Every client facing a misdemeanor charge is unique, and your attorney will work hard to pursue a course of action that is designed with your needs in mind.

Misdemeanor charges in Texas are serious business and can have serious legal consequences if not legally addressed. In order to obtain the best possible outcome in your misdemeanor case, you need superior criminal defense representation from someone who has plenty of experience. Jack Pettit, Attorney at Law, has been providing exceptional lega representation to clients in the Dallas area for over thirty years.

Call Attorney Jack Pettit today at (214) 521-4567, to learn more about how a skilled Texas criminal defense attorney can minimize the impact of a misdemeanor charge on your life.