How a Texas Criminal Defense Attorney Can Make a Difference in Your DUI Case

In Texas, if you were stopped by law enforcement under the suspicion of a DUI, you could face serious consequences, such as jail time, harsh monetary penalties, or the temporary/permanent suspension of your driver’s license.  That is why it is crucial to consult with an attorney who has the experience necessary to effectively represent you.  Whether you were charged with a DUI for the first time or on multiple occasions, a skilled criminal defense attorney can help you avoid some if not all of the legal repercussions associated with driving under the influence in Texas.  Accordingly, the following is a list of the primary ways in which an attorney can make a significant difference in your case:

  1. Under certain circumstances, a DUI conviction in Texas may result in short or even long term imprisonment.  Only an attorney experienced in handling a DUI case is in the best position to evaluate your case and effectively defend you against your charges.  Otherwise stated, a skilled attorney will examine the strengths and weaknesses of your case and assist you in presenting the strongest case possible on your behalf.
  2. A seasoned criminal defense attorney will fight for your rights and protect your interests at all costs during the pendency of your case.  Without a doubt, you put your life at risk by representing yourself, as many people who do so are often “eaten alive” by the prosecutor and the criminal justice system as a whole.  A seasoned criminal defense attorney will ensure that your constitutional rights are upheld and that you are treated fairly, no matter what.
  3. If you have had multiple DUI convictions, chances are that you will be faced with severe legal consequences should you decide to hire an inexperienced attorney or try and deal with the prosecuting attorney on your own.  An attorney can add significant value in this regard by working with the prosecutor in order to help you avoid the harsh consequences associated with having numerous DUI convictions on your record.
  4. Only an experienced Texas DUI attorney will properly investigate the facts of your case and fight to have your charges reduced or even dismissed.  Perhaps you failed your field sobriety test for reasons other than those related to being intoxicated.  Or, your blood alcohol readings were skewed due to lab error or for some other reason beyond your control.  Whatever the situation presents, it is critical to have an attorney evaluate all of the aspects of your case and defend you accordingly.

If you have been charged with a DUI in Texas, criminal defense Attorney Jack Pettit will take the time necessary to evaluate your case and fight for your rights, every step of the way.  If you wish to discuss your case with Mr. Pettit, contact us today at 214-521-4567.  We accept most major credit cards and provide bilingual services in Spanish.


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