Grounds for Losing Your Commercial Driver License (CDL) in Texas

There are a variety of ways in which a Texas commercial driver can have his or her CDL disqualified for a certain period of time.  However, many commercial drivers are not fully aware of what the rules are, and they are caught off guard when they learn that they have been stripped of their CDL.  Without a CDL, such drivers are not able to continue the same employment for the disqualification period.  Certain criminal conduct ranging from minor traffic offenses to serious felonies can have a significant impact on the status of your CDL.  Depending on the nature and severity of the criminal conduct, the disqualification period could range from a couple of months to indefinitely.

Overview of CDL Disqualification Periods

If you are a commercial driver and you have been issued two serious traffic offenses (such as excessive speeding, reckless driving and following too closely, among others), your CDL may be suspended for at least 60 days.  If you have been cited for railroad-highway grade crossing violations, you face a disqualification period of 60 days for the first offense, 120 days for the second offense within three years of the first offense, and at least one year for a third offense within three years of the first offense. 

If a commercial driver has been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, has left the scene of an accident, or committed a felony, the driver faces at least a one year disqualification period, and this could be three years if the vehicle involved was marked as containing hazardous materials.  If there is a second offense, the commercial driver could lose his or her CDL forever.  If a commercial driver uses a motor vehicle in the commission of a felony, then the driver loses his or her CDL forever.

CDL tickets should be taken much more seriously than standard traffic tickets because the stakes are so high and the consequences are so much more important.  Most commercial drivers are generally aware that all traffic laws apply to them in the same way they do for other drivers, and that commercial drivers are actually held to a higher standard as commercial drivers.  Therefore, the consequences for committing certain traffic offenses and other crimes can be much more severe than it is for non-commercial drivers.  Given that your career is at risk, it is crucial to take all steps necessary to keep your CDL.

Contact Dallas Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney Jack Pettit Today

Losing your CDL can be detrimental to your career, having a significant impact on all aspects of your life.  As such, it is very important to have an understanding of what conduct can result in the loss of your CDL and what steps commercial drivers should take in order to avoid the loss of their CDLs.  If you are facing the loss of your CDL, you should act quickly and consider speaking with a Dallas County Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney who has handled a large number of CDL tickets and licensing issues for his or her clients.  Jack Pettit is a Dallas County Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney and former prosecutor with more than three decades of experience.  If you have a CDL traffic ticket or are facing the potential loss of your CDL, contact Jack Pettit as soon as possible to discuss your case and explore what options you have for either keeping or reinstating your CDL.  To schedule an initial consultation with Jack Pettit, contact our office by calling (214) 521-4567.  Our office conveniently provides bilingual legal services in both English and Spanish, and we also accept major credit cards.


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