Five Tips for Choosing the Right Texas DWI Defense Attorney to Represent You

When you are arrested for DWI it may feel as if your world has been turned upside down. One moment you are an individual free to come and go as you please, and the next moment you find yourself incarcerated not knowing what lies ahead for you. All too often individuals delay hiring an attorney or even worse, fail to hire an attorney all together. People who choose to represent their own interests often regret the decision. This why the most important thing you can do after being charged with a DWI is to start searching for the right Texas DWI attorney to represent you. The sooner you select an attorney, the better you will feel, knowing that someone is there to protect your rights. If you are unsure how to select the right DWI defense attorney, you can start by following these tips:

  • DO find an attorney who focuses on DWI defense: When searching for an attorney, one of the most important factors should be whether the attorney focuses an area of his or her practice on DWI defense. Certain attorneys may practice criminal law but do not regularly handle DWI matters. ¬†You want an attorney who feels comfortable handling DWI defense cases and takes numerous cases each year. An experienced DWI defense attorney will be better able to investigate the facts of your case and properly advise you of your legal options and defenses.
  • DO NOT rely on the recommendation of friends/family alone: If your best friend knows a great attorney, that may be a starting place. However, if he or she does not handle DWI cases, then it is best to thank your friend for the recommendation but eliminate this person from your search.
  • DO your homework at the initial consultation: At this initial meeting you really want to pay attention to what the attorney has to say about your case. Based on this conversation, determine if the attorney seems interested in your case and providing you with quality representation. If he or she does not seem interested in your case, move on.
  • DO NOT focus on fees: When you are selecting an attorney, you want to find the person that is best equipped to handle your case. You want someone who is well versed in DWI defense law and has significant trial experience. You do not want to base your search on who is the least expensive. If money is an issue for you, try to find an attorney who accepts credit cards.
  • Trust your gut: Once you have narrowed your search down to only those who are experienced DWI defense attorneys, then it is time to pick someone that you feel that you can trust and you will work well with.

If you have been arrested and charged with drunk driving or DWI, it is imperative that you meet with a knowledgeable Dallas County DWI Defense Attorney right away. Even a first time offense for DWI comes with serious penalties. Only an experienced DWI Defense Attorney can make sure that your charges are fully investigated. Veteran Texas DWI Defense Attorney Jack Pettit has provided clients in Dallas and throughout Dallas County with aggressive representation for more than 30 years. As a former prosecutor, Jack Pettit knows what it takes to fight a DWI charge and is the attorney you can trust. To schedule a free and confidential consultation call the Law Offices of Jack Pettit today at (214) 521-4567. Our office provides services to clients in both English and Spanish. Major credit cards are accepted as well.


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