Five Misconceptions Your Texas Teen May Have about Underage Drinking & Driving

Regardless of how well your teen does in school or how smart you think your teen is in the ways of the world, you may be surprised what they hold as truths about alcohol. Today’s teens have more access to information that any other generation with the internet, but this does mean they still have their facts straight when it comes to drinking and driving. Most parents are shocked to know that many teens hold the following misconceptions:

  • Myth #1: “Alcohol is not a drug:”  For some teens, when asked to name drugs that they know or think other teenagers use, they may say marijuana and a few other illegal drugs. However, teens are not likely to mention alcohol, because many teens do not view alcohol as a drug. It is important for teens to understand that alcohol is a drug, and like other drugs, can cause serious temporary and long-lasting impairments.
  • Myth #2: “Beer and wine are safer than hard liquor:”  Some teens fool themselves into thinking that they will be okay if they stick with beer and wine and avoid hard liquor. While beer and wine have a lower percentage of alcohol ounce for ounce, alcohol is still alcohol.
  • Myth #3: “I can sober up, and then I will be fine to drive:”  Teens are sometimes under the belief that certain things can be done to “sober up”. Drinking a cup of black coffee or taking a cold shower, may make a person who has been drinking alcohol feel more sober. However, the truth is that these things have no effect on that person’s blood alcohol content. The only true way to “sober up” is to allow enough time for the alcohol to pass out of the body.
  • Myth #4: “Buzzed driving is not the same as drunk driving:”  A teen may not consider him or herself drunk if he or she is only feeling “buzzed”. For some teens, being drunk means  “fall down stumbling drunk.”  Notwithstanding, teenagers need to realize that there is no acceptable amount of alcohol they can consume and drive.
  • Myth #5: “I will not be pulled over and arrested for DUI:”  Every generation of teens may have their differences, but one thing pretty much all teens have in common is that bad things will not happen to me, they happen to other people. This degree of invincibility is what lets teens think and believe that they can have a drink or two and drive and will never be caught. This line of thinking is so dangerous, because each year teens do drink and drive and many are killed or kill others when they get behind the wheel. Police officers do arrest and punish teens for drinking and driving.

It is estimated that ten percent or 1 in 10 high school teenagers has gotten has operated a vehicle after having consumed alcohol. Parents are not helpless when it comes their teenager drinking and driving. Talk to your teen today.

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