Fighting Against Domestic Abuse Charges in Texas

For over three decades, I have represented thousands of clients in Texas who have faced domestic abuse charges.  As such, I know first-hand that people file these types of charges for several different reasons – whether legitimate or not.  Many times, individuals accuse boyfriends or girlfriends of domestic abuse following a contentious breakup.  Countless other cases involve accusations of domestic abuse when one party is trying to retaliate against the other spouse in a divorce case to or gain an advantage in a custody dispute.  There are also plenty of cases where people are charged with domestic abuse despite the fact that they acted in self-defense or pursuant to other extenuating circumstances.  No matter what the circumstances present, it is important to understand that domestic abuse charges in Texas are serious, which requires highly experienced counsel to handle the complexities associated with these types of case.

Unfortunately, domestic abuse cases not always as “black and white” as they are depicted on television, as they often involve no third party witnesses and little to no evidence.  In other words, these cases are typically based upon statements made by one person and ultimately end up in a he said/she said type situation.  Not to mention that domestic abuse cases are highly charged, leaving it to the trier of fact to sift through the emotions of the parties in order to determine the truth of the matter.

Generally speaking, if a police officer has probable cause to believe that a domestic situation occurred, he or she can arrest you even if you are innocent or the other person had a part to play in starting or escalating the matter.  Otherwise stated, a police officer in Texas does not have to witness the event in order to provide him or her with the authority necessary to place you under arrest.  Regardless of the circumstances, being charged with a domestic abuse offense in Texas can have devastating legal consequences, such as a protective order, community supervision, prison time, monetary fines, anger management counseling and can permanently affect your personal and professional reputation.

Fighting against domestic abuse cases – especially those that often involve a lack of corroborating evidence – takes a significant amount of skill and careful negotiation with the prosecuting attorney.  Whether a person is truly innocent or not, domestic charges are highly complex, requiring an experienced lawyer possible to take the case.  Overall, it is important to have a defense lawyer by your side who can expose the truth of your situation or at least minimize the effects of the charges being brought against you.  If you have been charged with domestic abuse or are being investigated for such an offense, don’t attempt to resolve your case on your own.  You need to contact a skilled Texas domestic abuse defense attorney who knows the ins and outs of these types of cases and who can fight for your fights throughout the entire process.

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