Do Out of State Traffic Tickets Affect My Driving Record in Texas?

If you are from Texas and have been driving out of this state, you always run the risk of getting pulled over in another state.  While most people will find a way to pay off the speeding or traffic ticket, some individuals simply ignore the ticket and believe that it will simply go away, or that the ticket will not have a negative impact on their Texas driving record.  This way of thinking couldn’t be further from the truth.  Traffic tickets do follow you home to Texas and they can both add points to your Texas driver’s license, and increase your automobile insurance rates.

Interstate Reciprocal Agreements – the Driver License Compact (DLC)

Texas participates in what’s called the “Driver License Compact (DLC).”  This is an agreement among forty-five (45) states and the District of Columbia to share information regarding convictions for moving violations.  If you happen to receive a traffic ticket in those states that do not participate in the DLC (Massachusetts, Georgia, Michigan, Tennessee, and Wisconsin), then there is a chance that information regarding this ticket will not be sent to Texas.  However, there is no guarantee that your traffic ticket will not be reported to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.  Given the risk and what is at stake for ignoring an out of state traffic ticket, it is important to immediately take care of your traffic ticket as soon as possible, regardless of where you received the ticket.

Other Consequences You Should Be Aware Of

If you were caught driving at a very high rate of speed, and/or the traffic ticket you received would be considered a misdemeanor in the state where you received the ticket, if you do not pay the ticket or appear in court, you could be facing potential jail time and hefty fines, as some states do impose jail sentences on certain traffic offenses.  While this is not common, it certainly does happen.  For example, if you were driving in the state of Missouri and received a speeding ticket for driving twenty miles per hour or more over the speed limit, and you ignore or forget about the ticket, a warrant may be issued for your arrest.  If you subsequently receive a traffic ticket or are pulled over in Texas, this warrant may appear, and you could be sent to jail.  While jail time is a rather extreme measure, it is important that you are fully aware of just how serious traffic tickets can turn out to be.

Contact Dallas Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney Jack Pettit Today

Regardless of where you receive a traffic ticket, it may follow you home to Texas and can have negative consequences for your Texas driving record and automobile insurance rates.  Because many people believe out of state traffic tickets play no role on their Texas driving records, they are often surprised when they find out they have points on their driver’s license and see their insurance rates go up.  The sooner you speak with an attorney and take care of the out of state ticket, the sooner you can ensure that no harm will be done to your Texas driving record.  Dallas County Traffic Defense Attorney Jack Pettit is a former prosecutor with more than thirty years of experience working in the criminal justice system.  Jack Pettit devotes a significant portion of his practice to helping individuals resolve their traffic records without harm to their driving record and insurance rates.  To schedule an initial consultation, contact Jack Pettit today by calling (214) 521-4567.  Our office conveniently provides bilingual legal services in both English and Spanish, and we also accept major credit cards.


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