Do Criminal Charges Stay on My Record in Texas?

A criminal charge can leave you feeling defeated, frightened, and uncertain of what your future holds.  It is not surprising to feel this way, as one of the worst consequences of a criminal charge or conviction is the negative impact this has on your ability to rent an apartment or home, obtain a job, or attend a college or university.  However, keep in mind that simply being charged with a crime does not necessarily mean a potential landlord, employer or school admissions department will have the ability to find this rather sensitive information out.

While some background checks do pull up pending criminal charges, and prior charges that have been dismissed, most of them only pull up prior convictions.  The information extracted from a background check is dependent upon what the potential landlord, employer and/or school admissions department is looking for.  Nevertheless, a simple criminal charge that has been dismissed, or that is pending, can prevent you from being able to rent a home, get a job, or attend school.

When you apply to rent an apartment or home, apply for a job, or apply for admission to a college or university and are required to complete background check forms, you will likely be asked if you have ever been charged with a crime, what the disposition was, as well as whether you have prior criminal convictions.  If you have been charged with a crime before and found to be innocent, or the charge was dismissed, this charge may show up on your background check as “dismissed.”

However, a potential landlord, employer, or admissions office department may still consider you an unfavorable applicant simply because you were charged with a crime.  An employer cannot reject your application for the simple fact that you were charged with a crime that was later dismissed, but the mere fact of potential criminal activity may still have a negative impact on your application.

This one characteristic may set you apart in a negative light from the other applicants, and unfortunately happens frequently.  It is sometimes difficult for landlords, employers and college or university admissions offices to set aside the fact that you were charged with a crime.  They may ask what lead you to being arrested in the first place.  This is an unfair consequence of being wrongfully charged with a crime.

A Dallas criminal defense attorney can provide you with the counsel and advice as to how to handle a prior criminal charge when applying to rent an apartment or home, applying for a job, or applying to attend a college or university.  A skilled Dallas criminal defense attorney can help you address your criminal charge and hopefully move on without a blemish on your record.  Fighting your criminal charge as early as possible will enable your attorney to communicate with the prosecutor to reach a quick resolution to get the charge dismissed.

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If you have been charged with a crime, your record is at stake even if you are innocent.  It is imperative that you speak with a Dallas County criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to minimize the negative consequences of your criminal charge.  Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer Jack Pettit has focused the bulk of his more than thirty year career on defending the rights of his clients.  With his prior experience as a prosecutor, Attorney Jack Pettit thoroughly understands the Texas criminal justice system, and his experience as a former prosecutor has helped Jack Pettit provide superior representation to his clients as a criminal defense attorney.  To discuss your criminal matter with Attorney Jack Pettit, please call our office today at (214) 521-4567.  Our office conveniently provides bilingual services in English and Spanish.  We also accept major credit cards.


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