Dallas DWI Defense Attorney Offers 5 Tips to Help You Stick with Your New Year’s Resolution to Not Drink & Drive

It is 2015 and you have resolved not to drink and drive this year. Unfortunately, most New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by February 1st. This is often because the resolutions are not well thought out. Hoping to succeed is not enough, such as saying to yourself: “I hope to lose 10 pounds” or “I hope to quit smoking”. People often forget that habits are difficult to change and just hoping is not enough to change bad habits. To ensure that your resolution to not drink and drive is successful, following these tips:

  • Consider your life with a DWI on your record: To succeed with any resolution you need to be motivated to do so. While not drinking and driving can seem like a no brainer, it may be helpful for you to think for a few minutes of how a DWI would impact your life. Think of how much you would spend on attorney’s fees, fines, court costs and the like. Consider how losing your driver’s license for a year would impact your employment, education and/or your family life.
  • Create a plan before you go out: In order to avoid drinking and driving, you need a plan. Your plan may have to vary depending on the situation, so you need to create a plan each time before you go out. Maybe, if you are going to an event downtown, it may be easiest to take a cab or public transportation. If you are going to a party at a friend’s house, maybe your plan will be to have a designated driver. Every plan should also have a back-up plan. So if your plan was to limit your drinking to no more than one drink per hour, maybe your back up plan is to have a friend be your designated driver.
  • Tell someone at the event about your resolution: If you are going to a party with friends, make sure at least one friend knows and will help you keep your resolution. Think of it as a buddy system. If you had a drink or two too many, he or she will can step up and take your keys and put you in a cab at the end of the night.
  • Find support from friends & family members: Share your resolution with others. While your decision not to drink and drive is ultimately your own, it is great to let others help support your decision. Who knows, you might even convince other people to do the same.
  • Re-evaluate but do not abandon your resolution: When it comes to resolutions, we sometimes take a “throw the baby out with the bath water” type approach. Meaning, that if we screw up or make a mistake, instead of giving ourselves a break and trying again, we simply abandon the resolution. Instead, if you wake up one morning realizing that you probably should not have driven home the night before, take a minute to think of what went wrong. Use this mistake as a learning experience and create a better plan next time you go out.

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