Dallas County DWI Defense Attorney Warns Parents: Do Not Let a DWI Ruin a Bright Future

One of the biggest events in the life of any teenager is graduation day. Graduation is not only a momentous occasion for the teen, but also, for his or her parents. It is a time not only to celebrate and share the excitement about what the future will hold, but it also is a time to reminisce with friends and family about the journey that has brought him or her to this day.

While graduation can be a memorable day for a teen and his or her family, unfortunately it can also quickly turn tragic. The day usually starts with the graduation ceremony, but it can extend well into the evening with teens hopping from one graduation party to the next. For many teens graduation day is seen as a milestone where the teen is officially an adult in the eyes of his or her parents. While some teens handle this new found status in stride, other teens let this “power” go to their heads. For these teens this new found “freedom” translates into thinking that he or she no longer has to play by the rules. Some teens choose to engage in underage drinking and even drinking and driving.

As a parent, you want your child to make good decisions. You may even feel that he or she is more than capable of doing so now that he or she has graduated from high school. However, no matter how book smart or street smart your teen may be, it is important as a parent to provide guidance especially at this particular juncture in a teen’s life. The following is some information that all parents of teenagers to be well aware of:

  • Underage drinking is illegal in the state of Texas. Do not expect the law to cut your teen any breaks because it was graduation day and he or she was just “blowing off a little steam.”
  • Take some time to talk to your teen well in advance of graduation. Let him or her know that underage drinking is illegal and there are serious legal consequences if he or she engages in such behavior. Many teens are simply not aware of the ramifications of underage drinking and/or driving. It can cause a teen to not only seriously injure him or herself, but also to lose valuable college scholarships and possibly even admission into their chosen college or university.
  • There are some parents of teens that may be “hosting” unchaperoned parties. These parents think that have an adult free party is a way for his or her teen and his or her friends to enjoy alcohol without the parents suffering the consequences of providing alcohol to minors. However, this is not just not true. Be aware that your teen may be invited to such a party and take the time to make sure your teen understands your expectations about attending this type of party.
  • Lastly, make sure that your teen understands that drinking and driving is NEVER an option under any circumstances. Nor is getting into a car with a person who has consumed any amount of alcohol.

As a parent, receiving a phone call from local police informing you that your teenager has been arrested and charged with DWI can be the stuff of nightmares. However, do not panic. One of the most important things you can do to help your child is to schedule an appointment with an experienced Texas DUI/DWI Defense Attorney. Only a skilled Dallas County DWI Defense Attorney can provide your teenager with the aggressive representation he or she needs in order to safeguard his or her rights and protect his or her future as well. As a former prosecutor, attorney Jack Pettit has the experience and skills to defend your child’s rights. To schedule a free and confidential consultation contact the Law Office of Jack Pettit today at (214) 521-4567.


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