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Texas DWI Defense Attorney Talks about Ignition Interlock Devices

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

A law that recently went into effect in Texas could prevent drivers from accumulating multiple DWI convictions. Since September 1, 2015, any driver who wishes to continue driving after being arrested for DWI with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher can choose to either apply for an ignition interlock device for their vehicle or have their driving privileges revoked. Drivers must file the application must within fifteen days of the arrest.

Ignition interlock devices prevent people from driving after consuming any amount of alcohol. Before starting a vehicle with an ignition interlock device on it, the driver must breathe into the apparatus. If the machine measures any alcohol in the driver’s breath, the engine will not turn on. Authorities hope that these devices, which must remain attached to the vehicle for a certain length of time depending on how many previous DWI convictions a driver has had, will prevent situations in which drivers continually get behind the wheel while intoxicated despite having a suspended license or numerous prior DWIs.

The following story illustrates what could happen under the old laws, which enabled offenders to apply for restricted driver’s licenses. A man who recently got arrested for drunk driving will have a total of six DWIs if his latest arrest leads to a conviction. It would also be his third felony DWI conviction. The man nearly caused an accident when he ran into construction barricades in a work zone. Law enforcement officers who were present in the area were able to stop the driver and take him into custody before a more serious accident occurred. Authorities noted that the driver was so intoxicated that he did not know where he was when he got arrested.

The recently enacted law that requires DWI offenders with a blood alcohol level of .08 or greater is much different than the old rules, which only required interlock devices for repeat offenders and offenders with blood alcohol levels of .15 or higher. The new regulations also carry harsher penalties, so there is even more at stake if you are arrested and charged with a DWI. Since a DWI conviction could affect several areas of your life, including your transportation options and job security, it is essential that drivers take DWI charges seriously.

Because a DWI conviction could significantly impact your freedom, it is important that you consult with a seasoned Texas DWI Defense Attorney. Your attorney can help you to pursue an outcome in your DWI case that will protect your freedom and those things that are most important to you. Do not try to fight your Texas DWI on your own; there is too much risk involved in defending yourself. Texas DWI defense attorney Jack Pettit, Attorney at Law, has helped many clients with their DWI cases. It is possible that he could help you navigate your Texas DWI case. To learn more about how Attorney Pettit may be able to help you, please call our office at 214-521-4567 today.

Texas DWI Defense Attorney Discusses DWIs with Additional Charges

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

A driver who is suspected of driving while intoxicated caused a fatal accident when he failed to stop at a red light while he was fleeing from police in north Houston. Police were pursuing the driver because he had been driving erratically. The chase proceeded through a U-turn, a parking lot, and northbound, onto the North Freeway Service Road where it ended at Tidwell, where the crash occurred. The wreck claimed the life of a teenage girl who was driving home from prom. Her prom date sustained serious injuries as a result of the crash.

In many cases involving a traffic stop and DWI investigation, a driver is arrested and charged with DWI and nothing more. Some cases involve more than a traffic stop, though. Some drivers break other laws while they are violating the drunk driving law. Fleeing from police in a vehicle or on foot, assaulting police officers, having drugs in their possession, and driving with a suspended license are just some of the offenses that drivers may be charged with in connection with their conduct around the time of their DWI traffic stop.

A DWI carries grave consequences for a driver who is convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol. License suspension, fines, incarceration, and potential risks to job security, housing security, and other important things can have a variety of impacts on a person’s life. The other charges that can accompany a DWI, especially in particularly tragic situations like the fatal accident described above, can have consequences even more severe than those associated with a DWI. It is, therefore, possible that a series of choices made by a defendant within a short period can lead to a series of charges which, if they result in convictions, can completely change the trajectory of that driver’s life.

All DWI defendants can benefit from the assistance of experienced counsel, and defendants who are facing one or more other charges in connection with their DWI are no exception. With so much at stake, defendants who are facing multiple charges need someone in their corner who can look at all of the facts and formulate a strong defense. DWI and criminal cases proceed through various stages from beginning to end, and a skilled DWI defense attorney can help you know what to expect and answer your questions at every step of the way. If you learn of options for resolving your case, your attorney can help you understand whether those options are the right choice for you.

Texas DWI Defense Attorney Jack Pettit – Comprehensive Assistance for Texas DWI Defendants

Jack Pettit, Attorney at Law, is a Texas attorney who has developed an effective strategy for his DWI defense clients over the thirty years that he has been practicing law in the Dallas area. Whether this is your first DWI, a subsequent offense, or you are facing other charges in connection with your DWI, it is important that you seek assistance from a Texas DWI Defense Attorney. Contact Attorney Jack Pettit today at 214-521-4567, to learn more about how he may be able to help you.

Texas DWI Defense Attorney Says DWI Cases Are Not Always Resolved Quickly

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

If you were to ask a DWI defendant what they would like to see happen with their DWI case, they would, of course, wish to avoid a conviction. They would also be likely to tell you that they want to get through their case as soon as possible. The amount of uncertainty that accompanies any legal proceeding can be uncomfortable. In a DWI case, the defendant is waiting to learn the fate of things that are central to their livelihoods, such as their personal freedom, their ability to drive their vehicle, and their ability to keep their job. These high stakes make the waiting process extremely tough for DWI defendants. It is natural to desire certainty and even DWI defendants whose cases do not end as they had wished that they could move forward with their lives, integrating whatever consequences are attached to their conviction into their reality.

There are some DWI defendants in some parts of Texas who are not getting the swift resolution of their DWI cases that they had wanted. These defendants are experiencing delays that cause their cases to take longer than a typical DWI case would. The reasons for the delays are often related to waiting times for blood test results. For example, there was a scandal involving the laboratory that Bexar County was using to test blood samples of DWI suspects who had refused breath testing. The scandal resulted in a need for another lab to test the samples, and since that lab at the Texas Department of Public Safety in Austin, already had a large volume of samples coming in for testing, it took quite some time to work through all of them.

It is also important to note that prosecutors seek certainty in their affairs just like defendants do. Rather than waiting for blood test results, prosecutors have gone forward with some DWI cases without them. In these cases, prosecutors use breathalyzer test results when available in addition to eyewitness testimony and field sobriety tests to present their cases. Surprisingly, the result of this practice has been an increase in DWI convictions. The increase in DWI convictions is disconcerting for defendants, especially for those whose blood test results would show that they were innocent.

The DWI defendants in counties where blood test results are slow to come are unable to know when they will get any certainty about when their cases will end or how they will conclude. Many of these defendants have attorneys working with them to navigate the delays and to help the defendants present the best cases that they possibly can with the evidence that is available.

Jack Pettit, Attorney at Law, is a Texas DWI defense attorney who has helped many DWI clients resolve their DWI cases. Attorney Pettit may be able to assist you with your DWI case, too. Whether this is your first DWI or not, you deserve the support of a skilled Texas DWI Defense Attorney. Call us at 214-521-4567 today, to learn more.

Texas DWI Defense Attorney Suggests DWI Defendants Avoid DIY Defense

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

One of the first things that many DWI defendants ask themselves is whether they should contact an attorney. Fortunately, many DWI defendants do, after a bit of research and some serious thought, decide to retain a DWI defense attorney to represent them in their Texas DWI case. A DWI conviction can have an effect on many areas of your life, and an attorney is a valuable ally can help you in many ways throughout the duration of your case.

Skilled DWI defense attorneys understand the DWI case process, and they know what to look for in the facts of their clients’ cases to determine which defense strategies they will use to pursue the results that they desire. There are many ways to do DWI defense incorrectly, including doing it yourself or claiming that you should not be convicted of DWI for a tenth time because you just consumed beer battered fish. While this may seem odd, it happened. A DWI defendant attempted to explain away the small of alcohol noticed by the arresting officer by saying that he had been to a fish fry, and the alcohol smell came from the beer battered fish that he had eaten there. DWI defendants sometimes get creative with their defense strategies, especially if they are representing themselves and they wish to avoid the possible consequences of a conviction. Fortunately, defendants who choose to be represented by attorneys work with experienced professionals who know which types of defenses are likely to be the most effective based on the unique facts of a case, and which defense strategies are unlikely to succeed.

In addition to the confidence that comes with knowing that your attorney understands how to defend DWI cases, you can benefit from working with a DWI defense attorney in numerous other ways. For example, while you are busy trying to manage the logistics of your everyday life like arranging transportation to and from work and dealing with other issues that have followed your DWI arrest, your attorney will complete your case paperwork correctly and file it appropriately, by the applicable deadlines.

In a DWI case, the State must prove certain things before you can be convicted. Your attorney has an in-depth understanding of the elements of DWI, and they are skilled at identifying areas of the state’s case against you which may not be strong. Your attorney’s experience in representing clients in situations that are similar to yours helps them to build a strong defense on your behalf.

If you face Texas DWI charges, you may have some pressing questions and concerns. Since there is a lot at stake, including your driving privileges and your freedom, you are likely to want to do everything in your power to preserve the things that are most important to you. Jack Pettit, Attorney at Law, might be able to help you do that.  Texas DUI Attorney Pettit has helped many Texas DWI clients with their cases, and he might be able to help you. To learn more, please call 214-521-4567 today.